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Earning a master of public administration can help you earn a much higher salary, but it does require you to spend more time in school. Scholarships and grants are great for students who need to pay for this extra schooling. Both of these forms of financial aid can help you earn your degree.

Scholarships versus Grants: Which is Better?

Which form of financial aid is better? Actually, they are nearly the same thing! Scholarships and grants are both available to students at all educational levels, and when you graduate, you don’t have to repay that money. In some cases, you can also reapply for the money every semester as long as you maintain qualifications, like a high GPA. The one way scholarships and grants do differ from one another is how you become eligible. Scholarships are typically given to students who show merit of some sort, like a high GPA or professional achievements. Grants, on the other hand, are typically available to students who show financial need and would otherwise perhaps not be able to attend school. Of course, individual scholarships and grants both usually have other requirements as well.

Specific Scholarships and Grants for MPA Students

Ready to start looking for financial aid? Here are some organizations that offer these scholarships and grants for students in MPA programs:

  • National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration
  • Government Finance Officers Association
  • Society of Public Administration
  • Harry S. Truman Scholarship Foundation
  • Public Policy & International Affairs

In addition, most colleges offer scholarships and grants directly to their students – all you have to do is apply. You can also talk to your school’s financial aid director or the head of the public administration department to learn about local community scholarships that you might be eligible to for.

Earning a Scholarships or Grant

Here are a few tips to help you earn a scholarship or grant:

  • Make sure you double-check the details. Spelling counts!
  • Have someone else read over any essays or statements you need to provide.
  • Adhere to deadlines. Even being one day late will disqualify you.
  • Address the application to the right place. If it goes to the wrong mailbox, it could never end up in the right hands.
  • Make sure to attach any financial documents or transcripts they need as part of your application.

Masters of Public Administration Degrees

Ashford University — Ashford University offers a variety of degree options for completing the Master in Public Administration: Students can get receive a general MPA, MBA in Public Administration, MA in Organizational Management in Public Administration, or an MA in Education & Public Policy. Ashford is accredited by WASC Senior College and University Commission, 985 Atlantic Avenue, Ste 100, Alameda, CA 94501, 5107489001,
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University of Southern California — The University of Southern California offers an accredited, online Masters of Public Administration for students seeking high level positions within that field. The degree can be completed on a timeline that is comfortable to you, allowing greater control over your education and when you can begin your career.
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Kaplan University — The Master of Public Administration program at Kaplan University is designed to help practicing and would public policy planners develop the techniques and skills necessary to take on leadership roles in a wide variety of public service fields. The program also offers the flexibility for general or more specialized understanding of public policy making.
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Grand Canyon University — The Grand Canyon University Master of Public Administration offers two specialized course programs: Government & Policy and Healthcare Management. The programs are designed for those looking to further their career in the public sector while continuing to work. Graduates will enhance their options for employment in all levels of government, health care administration, and other quasi- and/or non-governmental organizations.
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Walden University — Walden offers several Master of Public Administration degree programs, including the MPA in law & public policy, MPA in nonprofit management, MPA in health policy, MPA in homeland security policy, MPA in policy analysis, MPA in public management and leadership, and more. Each of these programs is geared towards public sector professionals looking to improve their skills in translating public policies into effective programs and projects.
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George Washington University — George Washington University provides an excellent opportunity for students who want to quickly achieve goals of obtaining a masters degree in Public Administration by offering a Masters in Political Management through online courses. This program is great for students who need more flexibility in order to balance school and work schedules.
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Norwich University — Norwich University's Master of Public Administration degree preps its graduates to become managers and leaders able to handle complexities and challenges presented in the public sector. Students are taught the intricacies of working in the public sector with regard to management, organizational, and financial issues specific to government, nonprofit, and other public organizations.
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Northcentral University — Students interested in budgeting, government relations, personnel policies, politics, and urban planning would be home at Northcentral University's MBA in public administration program. The curriculum explores advanced topics in the business of government. Students are required complete a final written research project demonstrating the ability to conduct an investigation on a specific problem.
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