5 Web Tools You Can Use to Research Your Local Government

by Administrator on Sep 21, 2010

Tools for researching local government helps in producing social research and economic analysis as to inform policy-making on a wide range of areas and issues like local governance involving leadership and partnerships, service delivery and improvement, finance, democracy, and empowerment. Below are mentioned some tools as for searching local government.

  1. Business.gov: Business.gov let small businesses know their legal requirements and necessities and help the local government services from federal, state and local agencies. Business.gov is an official site of the U.S. Small Business Business.gov provides small business owners with information and resources they need to meet the terms with laws and regulations. It also tells businesses about various government programs and services as to help start, expand and run the businesses.
  2. Data.gov: This tool is an effort by US government to democratize public sector data and bring about innovation and adventure. This data from many locations is provided to researcher to carry out their own research for data analysis.  Developers have provided good set of database as to provide interesting and useful applications for a visual and public analysis. It is worked upon everything, from crime statistics by neighborhood to the best towns as to get a job to for the good cause of environmental health of the respective community.
  3. USA.gov: This is an online tool that provides services and facilities about the various structures of US government. It provides information about the Federal government’s braches like Judicial Branch, Executive Branch and Legislative Branch. And on the Legislative branches include state, local and Tribal government.  Further this database provide information about other segments like Jobs and education, family home and community, public safety and law, travel and recreation, benefits and grants, defense and international, consumer guides, reference and general government, history, arts and culture and science and technology.
  4. Portal Search: This local government tool is developed by the Bay Area Quality Management District in Collaboration with ILG for local governments to easily access tools and resources for issuing as implementing climate actions. The air district is rather responsible for taking care of air quality in the San Francisco Bay Area. There tremendous progress has been made for improving air quality for previous five decades and this tool is an effort towards that direction.
  5. Google Incorporation: This tool is provided by Google, the largest search engine to let citizens of United States having radical and helpful information about the US government and its various braches. Google is a multinational public cloud computing, internet search and advertising technologies corporation. It develops and host a number of Internet based search engine services and products and generates income through AdWords programs. The company was founded by the Larry Page and Sergey Brin.
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