20 Public Policy Experts Worth Following on Twitter

by Administrator on Dec 31, 2010

Keeping up with public policy is not easy because there is so much information out there. But, it is quite a bit easier if you use Twitter. With Twitter, you can get information in small snippets that come to you automatically without you having to search for them. Because the information is in short bursts, you can stay informed without tying up too much of your time. Take a look at these 20 public policy experts on Twitter. We’ve offered Twitter pages on a wide range of public policy topics, so that you can find the ones that most interest you.

  1. Patrick Ruffini: Ruffini tweets about public policy from a conservative point of view. He worked with the Republican National Convention for years.
  2. Tweeting Politicians: Tweeting politicians is a succinct way for you to follow what our public policy makers in Washington are doing. You can customize this Tweet to only get the politicians you choose.
  3. Economic Policy: This is the Economic Policy Institute’s Twitter page. You can find out lots of information about public economic policy in the making right here.
  4. Education Sector: This twitter feed follows public policy on education in the US.
  5. Tax Foundation: Learn about taxing and public policy from Washington’s tax foundation.
  6. Roll Call: Get all the news from Capitol Hill on public policy in the making.
  7. Supreme Court of the US Opinions: Get all the news about the latest opinions handed down by the Supreme Court. They don’t make public policy, but their job is to uphold the law and policy that has been made. They offer some very interesting information.
  8. Kaiser Family Foundation: Get the information on healthcare policy from the Kaiser Foundation. They follow all the healthcare coverage news as it happens.
  9. Naomi Starkman: Starkman is a food policy consultant. She tweets on information regarding public policy on food and nutrition.
  10. FDA Drug Info: Keep up with public policy regarding the FDA and drug approvals and recalls through this Twitter page.
  11. Marijuana Policy: Whether you’re for or against the legalization of marijuana, you’ll learn from this blog. They keep up to date with all the public policy that surrounds marijuana usage legislation and legalization.
  12. Daily Kos: Follow news and information on public policy from a liberal point of view. There are daily tweets about what’s going on in Washington from this page.
  13. Dylan Drummond: Drummond is an appellate justice in Texas. He tweets about court decisions.
  14. Google Public Policy Blog: This blog follows public policy as it relates to media online.
  15. Public Health Policy: Follow the changing public policy on healthcare in the US on this Twitter page from the Public Health Institute.
  16. The Association of Research Libraries: The Association of Research Libraries comments on public policy on things like copyright, privacy, etc.
  17. National Recreation and Parks Advocacy: These advocates for creating public parks and outdoor spaces and protecting the environment follow public policy as it relates to these issues.
  18. Public Policy Forum Canada: This group bills itself as a non profit organization aimed at improving the quality of government in Canada. It’s a great way to keep up with public policy in Canada.
  19. OSA Public Policy: Follow Tweets from Washington regarding up-to-date information on legislation, events, and other activities that affect the optics and photonics community.
  20. WF Public Policy: This is the twitter page from an advocacy organization working to ensure that Americans are able to choose their own healthcare practitioner. This is a great page for keeping up with public policy on healthcare.

With these public policy experts, you’ll be able to learn much more about many different areas of public policy. If your area of interest is not listed here, search for them on Twitter. There are many more Twitter accounts out there that report on different areas of public policy throughout the world. So, be sure to check out these and many other public policy pages on Twitter. It’s the quickest and easiest way to stay informed on laws in your area of interest.

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