19 Educational Open Courseware Classes About Public Administration

by Administrator on Dec 29, 2010

If you’re interested in a career in public administration, you’ll no doubt want to learn more about the field before pursuing your degree. One of the best ways to do that is by taking open courseware classes in public administration, political science and management. These courses are all free, and you can take them at your own pace. You won’t receive college credit but you will get access to some of the best education available in your field. These courses are offered by some of the most prestigious universities in the country.

Check out these 19 classes you’ll really enjoy if you’re interested in public administration.

  1. Introduction to the American Political Process: This is an introductory study in how the US government works. [MIT]
  2. The Politics of Global Financial Relations: This course looks at the effects of globalization of finance on international relations and domestic politics. [MIT]
  3. The Supreme Court, Civil Liberties and Civil Rights: This course looks at the role of the Supreme Court in American political life and governance. [MIT]
  4. The Fundamentals of Public Policy: This course explores policy-making as both a problem-solving process and a political process. [MIT]
  5. US Social Policy: This course examines social policy in the United States including its history and modern politics. [MIT]
  6. History of Public Health: This course from Johns Hopkins examines the historical experience of health and illness from a population perspective. [Johns Hopkins]
  7. Economic Analysis for Business Decisions: This class focuses on the role of economics in making business decisions. [MIT]
  8. Competitive Decision Making and Negotiation: This course is centered on twelve negotiation exercises that simulate competitive business situations. Students learn about distributive and mixed motive bargaining, among other techniques. [MIT]
  9. Communication for Managers: Teaches writing and speaking skills necessary for a management position. [MIT]
  10. Leadership and Personal Effectiveness Coaching Seminar: This seminar gives students opportunities to hone business communication skills through activities. [MIT]
  11. Advanced Managerial Communication: Advanced course in managerial communications. [MIT]
  12. Building and Leading Effective Teams: This course is a must for hiring managers. It is an intensive one week course on building a great team and leading it. [MIT]
  13. Public Health Preparedness and Emergency Response: This series of lectures discusses steps taken and roles of the Public Health system during times of emergency. [UC Berkeley]
  14. Listening, Speaking and Pronunciation: A class in speaking in public from MIT. [MIT]
  15. Speaking and Critical Listening Skills: This course from MIT teaches you important listening skills as well as speaking skills. [MIT]
  16. Using Internet Communications: This course from explores the use of the internet for communication and teaches methods of communicating professional through this medium.[ University of Massachusetts]
  17. Educational Policy Analysis and Research in Comparative Perspective: This course, offered by Harvard, focuses on how policy leaders can help improve education in the US and around the world. [Harvard]
  18. Introduction to Education: Understanding and Evaluating Education: This class explores issues in America’s schools. [MIT]
  19. Ethical Issues in Public Health: This course from explores ethics in publicly run healthcare. [Johns Hopkins]

A degree in public administration can take you in many different directions, from non-profit fundraising to a career in politics. Nearly all the avenues of a public administration career, however, require knowledge of public systems, managerial skills, people skills and communication skills. They also require that you have a good understanding of the American governmental and political processes.

With the courses listed here, as well as others you’ll find, you can get a taste of some of the different areas of knowledge that might be required, depending upon your area of public administration interest. With this knowledge, you can better pinpoint the areas you would like to further study and prepare for a career in.

With courses from schools like MIT, Johns Hopkins and Harvard, you know you’re getting access to the highest quality education in the public administration arena. So, take advantage of all the knowledge you can gain by reviewing all these great college classes.

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